x_jesuschrist_x (x_jesuschrist_x) wrote,

hey all believers!!!!!!!!!!

well, crap its been a long time since i updated! a lot has gone on in the past year, i was born, died, rose again and have just been chilling lately.

it pains me to see all my children in pain.

i am here for you, you know if you want to talk about anything- and if im busy my pals krishna mohhamed buddha and many others are available- but you can always look inside yourself to find that special inner light that knows your grand plan and can help you find peace.

well, im out for now (but not forever, you know that whole eternal thing is working for me)

I LOVE You allllll!!!!!!!!

take care of yourselves and eachother, let me know if i can help with anything

peace and love,
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